Poetry & Songs:
The Promise IV: The Lightharp
By: Arjan Wardekker

A sparkle of light, so small.
In utter darkness, its call,
louder than a lion's roar,
bright as sunlight, even more.

Black clouds pack the sky above.
Angel's waiting for his love.
List'ning to the mountains' song,
for the light it makes him long.

Glad he is to cry once more,
as his tears dried long before.
Angel longs the rain to break,
for them both the flight to take.

Sun's light he now longs to feel,
it his broken wings to heal.
Sun's rays spread like angel's wings,
when the lightharp soft tones sings.

written on: 16-07-2004, 16-07-2004 and 30-07-2004

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