Poetry & Songs:
Twin Blades
By: Arjan Wardekker

Twin blades flaring in the sky.
Holy flame the pain to die.
Silver songs to fill the night.
Twin blades turning wrong to right.

In my dreams, I see your glow,
see us standing in the snow.
High winds they caress your hair,
robes of silver we both wear.

Sacred ground, the highest peaks,
where the pure wind our hearts seeks.
How I long for wings' embrace,
for your eyes once more to face.

May the light now spread our wings.
It at last the daylight brings.
Let our swords at last unite.
Twin blades one to end the fight.

Light that in your eyes once shone,
in my heart now holds the throne.
Young self's blindness left him cold,
but his death removed the fold.

Only dark my eyes now find,
yet my heart's no longer blind.
In my dream I see your hand,
though it is with shadows blend.

Daggers fall from hearts reborn.
Light is forged and oaths are sworn.
May our dreams at last roam free.
Twin blades send the dark to flee.

written on: 24-07-2005 and 29-07-2005

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