Poetry & Songs:
Valoc Firedio Caf, A Lament of the Volcath
By: Matt Rosengren

Valoc Firedio Caf,
In the bath of light,
Creeping shades did come,
The peace that was,
Shattered on a tide of war.

Valoc Firedio Caf,
The fight was long,
The toll was more than any could bear,
And then the King of pain arrived.

Valoc Firedio Caf,
The hunter of blood,
The king of pain,
Struck with great hate.

Valoc Firedio Caf,
Servant and spawn of darkness,
Smote down man, woman, and child,
And Caf! Devoured the babes.

Valoc Firedio Caf,
Pyroa! Pyroa!
Our Lord Charges the beast!
The sun is rising over the volcano, The foe is in flight!

Pyroi? PYROA!
The foe was defeated,
Calmeo, Calmoe, All is lost,
The dread one come to finish us off.

Valoc Firedio Caf,
The dread one attacked,
Our lord is slain,
We hear a word and then no more.

Words from a ghost at a volcano.

All rights reserved.

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