Coronar's Mirror
By: Arjan Wardekker
Genre: Fantasy
Wordcount: 754

It was in the days of yore, before the memories of the eldest of the living, when the gods first allowed mankind to settle on Alcarin. These newcomers were welcomed by the Dwarves, Elves and Gnomes who already lived there, and accepted in their midst. Happily they lived among them. It was a time of great joy and peace. Hatred and envy were still unknown and no creature harmed another. Those days are now remembered as Lótelú, the Time of Flowers.
As the days passed by, a goddess named Xeresh took notice of this friendly world. The love, peace and harmony disgusted her as she looked and she stretched out her hand to Alcarin. Forth she send them, her evil followers the spiders, and into the forests they went. The spiders found the Elves and the Elves accepted them, not knowing their ways. When a time had passed, some of the Elves had learned many of the spiders' evil habits and behaved like them. The Elves were corrupted and many Gnomes and Dwarves followed in their footsteps.

The leaders of the Elves called for a meeting and so the Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Humans gathered on a high mountain. Xeresh watched with amusement as heated discussions erupted among the people. As the discussions heated up even more, one of the Elves drew his sword and killed another. This was what everybody had been waiting for and full scale war erupted within seconds. The Dwarves, the least influenced by the spiders, chose to remain neutral in this matter and they left the scene of battle as soon as possible. Most of the Elves and Gnomes were saved by good and fought their evil brethren with sorrow and pain in their hearts. As the smoke of battle vanished, evil was defeated. The Elves and Gnomes had kept their ways of good, but for mankind, it was too late.
The evil Elves and Gnomes fled under the mountain, now known as the Mountain of Blood. Streams of Blood still flow from it, coming out of the Underworld, where evil dwells. Mankind fled far away from the Elven lands and kept their evil ways. The Humans gained in strength and power and they waged war upon the greatly divided Elven kingdoms. They took from them all the mithril and forged from it an evil tower, Vanima, as a symbol of their might.

The gods felt remorse for allowing the humans to settle on Alcarin. Many wanted to destroy them to prevent them from causing even more damage, but Xeresh prevented them from doing so. The gods agreed to wait a while to see what would happen. Only Coronar, the Sun-God, opposed this, seeing how Xeresh was playing with the other deities. Upon addressing the Council of the Gods, they laughed at him for his angry reaction. This enraged Coronar. Determined to end the mess, he descended to Alcarin. Coronar lifted Vanima, the mithril tower, and cast it into the sun.
A time went by and Coronar pulled the molten mithril out of the sun. He forged from it a huge mirror and held it before mankind. This was during the hot days of summer. Coronar let mankind face themselves. The hoped that upon seeing their own actions they would realize how evil and wrong they were. The Humans were surprised, but angry because of the destruction of Vanima and what had become of it. Xeresh, understanding how dangerous Coronar was to her plans, told them who was responsible for destroying the tower. Mankind hated Coronar and praised Xeresh for her honesty.

Coronar was disappointed by the humans' reaction and during the cold days of winter he took his revenge. The Sun-God took away his gift to Alcarin, the sun itself. Alcarin darkened and mankind feared greatly. They realized what they had done and how much they needed Coronar. Mankind prayed to him for a day, asking for forgiveness for their deeds. Coronar answered their remorse by returning the sun to Alcarin and it lit the days on the planet like never before.
Mankind kept on walking on the paths of good. For the few exceptions to this rule, Coronar kept on repeating these days. From those days on, the sun shines day and night, with two suns visible in they days of Milaireth, Mid-Summer, and Coronar will take away the sun every other day during the days of Mihriveth, Mid-Winter. This he does to return the few who are still lost on the paths of darkness.

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