Paladin and the Wonderlamp
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp
Genre: Fantasy, Humor
Wordcount: 252

Once, the brave paladin Sensor found a lamp. It was kind of dirty, so Sensor started to polish the lamp, to show the party-members the fun in polishing.
A lot of smoke came out of the lamp, so Sensor quickly threw it on the floor. An other party-member creates water because of his fear of fire and Sensor throws himself on the lamp to protect the others with his own life.
Suddenly a genie comes out and asks irritated: "Say, what are you doing?"
"Look out, sir, you're on fire!" Sensor shouts and starts hitting the genie.
"It's just smoke, part of my act!" the genie shouts angrily. "You get three wishes" he says.
The other party-members get excited.
Sensor says: "Wait, give me time to think."
"Ok," the genie says. "That was your first wish."
"What should I wish for?" Sensor asks to his party members.
"A ring of invisibility! A spell book! A never ending supply of beer!" is called.
"What would be best to help all people?" Sensor asks.
"End world hunger" the genie says. "That was your second wish."
"Wish to make us the best party ever!" the party shouts.
"I wish to end world hunger" Sensor decides.
"That was your third wish" the genie says.
"Is world hunger over?" Sensor asks.
"No, you just got three wishes, I never said I would grant them."
The party members slayed the genie and almost Sensor too, but they still needed him to do the dishes.

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