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AD&D Downloads
(opens in new window) RPG Community
- News RolePlay Archives, Freeform RolePlay chat, and resources.
- is a Community website dedicated to gathering resources for D&D players and DMs from across the Web. DnDResources is a community both for developers of resources and for users.

Dragonlance Nexus
- The Dragonlance Nexus publishes Dragonlance news, fan artwork, D&D rules, product reviews, and an encyclopedia. The Nexus also posts fan submissions of music, recipes, articles, opinion polls, and interviews.
- Free downloads for D20, D&D, DDM, and other miniatures games.

Dungeons and Dragons Adventures
- D&D Resource for DMs and Players alike. Original material, active forum, online games.

Dungeons and Dragons Reviews
- Reviews of the latest Dungeons and Dragons products, as well as DM- and Player-related advice and articles.

EN World
- EN World: Morrus' D&D / D20 News & Reviews Site.

Gathis Online
- Gathis is a shared online campaign world, where multiple DMs and Players play in a campaign world where all people participate.

General Starlight's Fantasy Roleplaying Game Page
- Sage Advice Summarizing Over 25 Years Of Gaming Experience. Read Many Articles About Roleplaying, AD&D, D&D, Or Gaming In General. Find Information, House Rules, Tips, And Ideas For Your Own Game.

Mystara - D&D Fantasy Role Setting
- Mystara fantasy world setting. Countless ressources for DMs: maps, gazetteers, magic spells, artifacts, magic items, monsters.

Open Gaming Foundation - SRD
- Online original (v.3.0) System Reference Document (Dungeons & Dragons / d20).

Planescape: I am the Mimir
- The Mimir is a magical construct designed to provide information on all aspects of the Planes, TSR's Planescape setting for the AD&D RPG (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Role-Playing Game).

- PlanetADnD hosts over 1000 html pages of content. Including a massive campaign realm, NPC's, monsters, maps, classes, races, huge art gallery, history, stories, humor, downloads, programs, netbooks and tons more. Come Join Us Today!
- The D&D and AD&D Villain's website. Contains new spells, psionics, adventure hooks, monsters, DM tools, races and classes/kits for both 3rd and 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons

Realm of the Dragoneers
- A site collecting new stuff for the AD&D-game. Anyone can contribute if they have something great to share.

Red Dragon Inn
- D&D forums, downloads, chat, and online utilities. Home of the Audalis campaign setting, as well as a ton of friendly gamers!

Sovelior's Online SRD
- Online Revised (v.3.5) System Reference Document (Dungeons & Dragons / d20).

The Kencyclopedia
- The largest collection of information on the kender race from TSR's Dragonlace Saga. General info, magic Items, role playing info, kender chatroom, and more. Plus freelance cartography by Sean Macdonald.

The Teolin Setting
- An islandworld is being explored by Ylorea and her companions. Here you can find their reports, information about faiths, new weapons, armor and many other items.

Wizards of the Coast: D&D
- Official Dungeons & Dragons home page

Wizards of the Coast - SRD
- Online Revised (v.3.5) System Reference Document (Dungeons & Dragons / d20).

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