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- AccessDenied.Net features a powerful database of thousands of players for over 1000 games of all types. Also featured are challenge boards and a links database for all the games.

Basic Roleplaying . Net
- The unofficial site of Basic Roleplaying, Chaosium's d100 System. Hosting a variety of resources for use with Basic Roleplaying: The Chaos Project, Uncounted Worlds fanzine, Rules Conversions, Scenarios, Adventures, World Forges and Rules variants.

- Interactive Stories, Online Adventure, RPG Forums, Debates, Game Charts.
- Where Gamers get their News.

General Starlight's Fantasy Roleplaying Game Page
- Sage Advice Summarizing Over 25 Years Of Gaming Experience. Read Many Articles About Roleplaying, AD&D, D&D, Or Gaming In General. Find Information, House Rules, Tips, And Ideas For Your Own Game.

MetaMythos - RPG Campaign and World Design
- RPG campaign design and world building for RuneQuest, Basic Roleplaying and d20 Dungeons and Dragons. A campaign world with maps, descriptions and usable locales. World building methods and tools for mapping, religion, magic and cultures in RPGs.

Open Gaming Foundation
- The OGF is a private organization, dedicated to supporting the ideals of the Open Gaming philosophy: That game rules and material that use those rules, should be free to copy, modify and distribute.

- Resource site for pbem gamers of all genres. Secure dice roller, rune caster, FUDGE roller, game announcements.

Pen & Paper
- A resource for players of pen & paper roleplaying games, including news, reviews, game line indices, fonts, upcoming RPG releases, and industry links.

Rondak's Portal
- A fully featured RPG site that allows players and referees to interact in worlds of fantasy, science fiction, or of their own creation. Multiple games for any and all roleplaying.

RPG Gateway
- The RPG Gateway brings you a directory of the finest RPG game worlds, RPG resources, link sites and rings and fantasy artwork. Ratings, reviews and awards.

The "Stickman Murder Mysteries"
- "Be a detective in one of five interactive cartoon murder mystery games. These interactive games are Web-based, so there's nothing to download - just point'n'click!"

World of Meln
- Meln is very highly detailed campaign world for all fantasy role playing systems. We have lots of maps, detailed information about history, religions and gods, cultures and races and much, much more...

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