Elfstone Campaign Setting:
Geography: City of Arquen
By: Arjan Wardekker

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Arquen, the capital city of Cemen (see: Geography: Kingdom of Khemen) is a trading town. With a population of 120,000 it is one of the largest cities on the planet. Population consists of 70% human, 25% other humanoids and 5% various other races, monsters, creatures, etc. As the capital of the earth-realm, it is also the center of nature related religions. The city's architecture is based on the earth theme and has many large carved stone buildings. The city, as the center of nature, is also a very green city. Many gardens full of flowers, small parks, roof gardens and large lanes of trees alongside the roads are everywhere. Dominant in the city's Temple district is the Temple of Nature, a walled piece of town, with a large temple surrounded by true wilderness, which the locals call the "City Park".


Neighborhoods of Arquen:

A The Docks:
This is the public harbor area. Cramped streets and many warehouses. This is also the place to buy cheap and bulk goods.
B Arquen Naval Base:
The navel base is a heavily guarded and patrolled area and it is off limits to anyone but the country's armed forces. Not a flea gets in without permission. This is where most of the Khemen Navy is stationed. The only entrance to this area is through Fort Fildûr.
C Underhill:
This neighborhood contains mostly corporate headquarters, warehouses for expensive goods, offices, merchants' houses and medium class houses. The area also contains many gardens, growing fruits and vegetables. This was originally intended to sustain the city in case of a siege, but has proved to make a good profit in times of peace as well.
D Lower Citadel Military Base
The Lower citadel resides on a large rock (usually called the "Citadel Rock" or "The Ridge"), some 90 feet above the city. Most of this area is accessible by civilians, though both the City Guard and military guards keep a close eye on anything that goes on. It is the base of the largest part of the city garrison, Khemen Army and the Khemen Air Force and the army's leaders.
E Lower Citadel Government District:
Also a heavily patrolled area, most of it is accessible to the public. The Khemen government resides here.
F The Citadel - Palace:
Some 150 feet above the city, on the highest part of the Citadel Rock, lies The Citadel, the residence of the King of Arquen. The central tower of the palace is the highest point in the city. The enormous castle is an impressive sight. This area is off limits to most civilians and audiences with the King are not easily obtained.
G High Ridge:
Home to the wealthy of Arquen, this is a beautiful neighborhood, with enormous villas and large gardens. It houses the nobility and upper class. High Ridge also lies on the Citadel Rock (or The Ridge), 90 feet above the city. Of course, the area is heavily patrolled by the City Guard.
H University District:
An area full of schools, houses of teachers, student dormitories, wizard towers, magic and curiosity shops and places of knowledge and learning.
I Goldenfield:
This is the diplomatic district. Foreign embassies and ambassadors' houses are located in this area. There are also several shrines and small temples.
J Temple District:
One of the most important areas in the city is the Temple District. It contains temples to all Alcarin deities, even a small shrine to the Creator. Besides these 52 temples, there are the houses of the clergy and other temple officials and temple warehouses.
K Marketplace:
The busiest area in Arquen is the huge marketplace. Stands are everywhere and merchants, nobles and peasants alike move around during both day and night. At night, the place is lit by numerous torches, open fire pits and some magical lights as well. This is the place to get rare items, spices, clothes and about anything you like. Some of the magic and curiosity shops from the University District and craftwork shops from The Forge have put up boots here as well, but for the real expensive items one should go to the actual shops' districts. Bulk goods are not available here either, those are sold in The Docks district.
L The Forge:
A packed and crowded place, this is where all the craftsmanship and artisan shops and workplaces are located. There are several great Dwarven smiths, Elven bowyers and other specialty shops in the district. Considering the fact that most artisans live above their shops, it is a rather densely populated area as well. There are a lot of medium and lower class houses as well.
M Low Ridge:
This area is an extension of High Ridge and is home to the upper classes of Arquen. Rich people and beautiful houses, but just a little less rich and expensive than High Ridge.
N Merchants' Halls:
The business district is full of warehouses, merchant homes, medium class houses and company buildings.
P Ravenwood:
A medium class residential area. The place lives up to it's name, with lines of trees alongside the roads and a large raven population in those trees.
Q The Slums:
The home to the poorest of Arquen, this area contains lower and no class houses. The area is filled with drunkards, beggars, lowlifes and gangs. A breeding ground of crime. The area is dangerous and not much patrolled by City Guards.
R The Outside:
A little less worse than The Slums, this is a lower class residential area.
S Southgate:
A medium and lower class residential area.
T Graveyard:
A walled perimeter containing the graves and crypts of the upper and medium classes of Arquen. The poor are usually cremated or buried in a graveyard a few miles southeast of Arquen (down the Coastway; 46).
U The New World:
A medium and lower class residential area.
V South Low Ridge:
A upper and medium class residential area.
W Clangeddin
: Clangeddin is a fishing town of about 250 residents. The town contains one Inn, the Screaming Herring, a general store and some medium class houses. There are several farms west of the town as well. The island is "protected" by the abandoned Castle Clangeddin, which is owned by the government.
X Beach:
On hot days a popular place to be for Arquen residents. There are usually some stands selling refreshments.

Specific Locations and roads in Arquen:
1 Fort Draxen
2 Fort Raidon
3 Fort Fildûr
4 Sea Gate
5 The Drunken Barrel - Inn
6 Lords of the High Seas Headquarters
7 Tinker Corps Headquarters
8 The Sodden Horse - Inn
9 Halls of Law - Court & School of Law
10 Delosar's Inn
11 City Hall
12 City Barracks
13 Temple of Nature - Temple & City Park
14 Halls of Callarduran
15 Temple of Paladia - Temple & Hospital
16 Die Stube - Foreign Specialty Restaurant
17 Temple of Yoghurt
18 Azhram's Tower
19 University Hall
20 Hall of Ancient Wonders - Museum
21 Citadel Gate
22 Palace Gate
23 Govermental Winery - Tavern
24 Ruby Gate
25 The Gilt Unichorn - Inn
26 Emerald Gate
27 House of Hidden Nights - Brothel
28 Silver Gate
29 The Crypt - Inn
30 Theratlan's Gate
31 Ravenwood Castle
32 Ai'rhin Gate
33 Ravenwood Gate
34 The Sleepery - Bunkhouse
35 Trade Gate
36 Copper Gate
37 Beggar's Gate
38 The Hollow Keep - Prison
39 Grog-n-Lasses - Inn
40 Thir Gate
41 Clangeddin Castle
42 Trade Road
43 Outer Avenue
44 Thir Road
45 Ai'rhin Road
46 Coastway
47 Beach Road
48 Temple Road
49 Dockstreet
50 Castle Road
51 Goldstreet

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