Elfstone Campaign Setting:
Geography: City of Rachnor
By: Arjan Wardekker

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The independent underground city-state of Rachnor, below the Circle of Five, north Nentis.

Rachnor is located in a large cavern. Part of the city (Lower City) is built on the bottom of the cavern while another part (Upper City) is built in the stalactites hanging on the cavern ceiling. Most of those stalactites are connected by rope bridges. The rope bridges are designed to be easily removed in case of a siege. The city contains two pillars that run from the cavern floor up to the ceiling. One, the Darkspire, is used as a guildhouse of blackguards while the other, the Pillar of Coins, is the official connection to the upper city. The Pillar of Coins also serves as a marketplace, containing many stands and several shops, trading various exotic wares and goods that are often considered illegal in other countries and cities.

The City of Rachnor is an independent city-state, hidden deep below a small island in the Cirlce of Five island group (northern Nentis). It was founded by rogues and followers of outlawed cults, it serves as a sort of freeport to shady and even plainly evil people. It is ruled by a council of representatives of various power groups, such as merchants, thief and assassin guilds, blackguards and smugglers. Laws are few and mainly aim to keep some degree of order in town.


Neighborhoods of Rachnor:
A Inner City
B The Dark Corner - Lower class residential area
C Southblades - Lower class residential area
D Ebony Fields - Medium class residential area
E Northblades - Medium class residential area
F Gloompeaks - Upper class residential area
G Northwall - Upper class residential area

Specific Locations:
1 South Gate
2 West Gate
3 North Gate
4 Brotherhood of the Night - Assassin guild
5 The Purple Worm - Tavern
6 The Gardens
7 Herd Island
8 Pleasant Nights - Bunkhouse and Brothel
9 Pillar of Coins - Market and shops
10 Market Area
11 Darkspire - Blackguard keep
12 Runehold - Runeblade keep
13 Inner Gate
14 The Moat
15 Mainstreet
16 Nine Hells Avenue
17 Torment Road
18 Poisonblade Alley
19 Darkness Road
20 City Hall
21 Rachnor Bank
22 The Crown Inn and Fencing Academy - Swashbuckler meetingplace
23 Barracks
24 Military Stalactite
25 Civilian Stalactite

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