Elfstone Campaign Setting:
Geography: City of Thass'Rhin
By: Arjan Wardekker

Map of Thass'Rhin (17.4 kb)

The Holy City of Thass'Rhin, island of Shardon-Rae, north Nentis.


Neighborhoods of Thass'Rhin:
A Shardon-Rae Southern Jungle
B Thass (river)
C Shaeron Sea
D North Thass'Rhin - Upper class residential area
E Central Thass'Rhin - Medium to upper class residential and commercial area
F South Thass'Rhin - Medium class residential area and crafts district
G East Thass'Rhin - Upper class residential area

Specific Locations:
1 North Gate
2 West Gate
3 East Gate
4 Thass'Rhin General store
5 Order of the Holy Waters - Paladin order
6 Rae's Rose Inn
7 Thass'Rhin Barracks
8 Thass'Rhin Market Square
9 Bardic College of Nen
10 Guzzi's Tailoring - Tailor and clothing shop
11 Thass'Rhin City Hall
12 Bank of Thass'Rhin
13 Blue Bridge Art - Art and souvenir shop
14 The Concordant Ecclesiastical Houses Of Training And Perfection (TCEHOTAP) - Priest school
15 The Laughing Eel - Tavern
16 Thass'Rhin Armor - Armorsmith
17 The Polished Blade - Weaponsmith
18 Thass'Rhin Docks
19 The Blue Bridge
20 Restaurant Riverside
21 Monastry of the Crystal Waters - Monk order
22 The Ivory Tower - Mage tower and guild
23 Mainstreet
24 Riverstreet
25 Thass Boulevard
26 Northstreet
27 Meardstreet
28 Dockstreet
39 Southstreet
30 River Road (to Lake Thassallan)
31 Nenacar Road (to Nenacar)

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