Elfstone Campaign Setting:
By: Arjan Wardekker

The Elfstone Campaign Setting is an all-purpose world that can be used for many different kinds of campaigns, genres, and game systems. While the original concept of the setting was High Fantasy, it is suitable for Swords & Sorcery campaigns as well.

The Elfstone Setting centers on the world of Alcarin, a planet somewhat larger than earth, in a twin star system (see Timekeeping). It has two main continents, as well as an archipel of large islands. Most of the northern regions are civilised and known lands, while the southern areas are uncharted, difficult to travel and often dangerous wilderness. Many smaller and larger kingdoms rule the lands, but most are dynamic and rise and fall with time. Four large countries have proven stable: the realms of Khemen, Nentis, Tholenfold, and Narre'al (see World Map & Geography). The world's history has been shaped by these four countries as well as several large powergroups and fallen empires (see the History of the Seven Realms).
The varying lands provide diverse subsettings that allow for many types and styles of roleplaying: from the flying cities and high magic environment of Tholenfold, to the common and smaller scale lands of Khemen, the strict regime of the powerful and somewhat evil emperor of Narre'al, the cults and islands of the theocratic archipelago of Nentis, the mysterious central jungles and the uncharted lands that lie beyond them, or the turmoiled and dynamic lands of the Northern Kingdoms.

Central to the Setting are its seven elements: fire, water, earth, air, positive energy (related to light, life, and creation), negative energy (related to darkness, death, and destruction), and K'zarr (related to power, magic, and divinity). The seven elements are reflected in seven "wings" of deities that form the Pantheon (see Religion & Pantheon) and seven Elfstones, sentient magical artifacts of immense power (see The Elfstones). The interactions and affairs of these deities, who take an active interest and involvement in the mortal world, and the more subtle influences of the Elfstones, often provide the hidden drivers of shifts in power balances and major events on the world of Alcarin.

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