Elfstone Campaign Setting:
By: Arjan Wardekker

This page deals with the system of timekeeping in the Elfstone (©) Campaign Setting.

The home-planet of the Elfstone Campaign Setting is Alcarin. Alcarin is a planet that is a bit larger than earth (3000 miles around). It turns around a sun, named Nairel, but this sun doesn't send out much heat and light. That is why the winter is when the planet is closest to Nairel.
Alcarin receives most of it's light and heat from another closeby sun, named Vasel. Summer is when the planet is closest to Vasel.

The years on Alcarin are reckoned according to the Cardárë Reckoning. My campaign started in the year 1352 CR. CR stands for Cardárë Reckoning. This year-reckoning system started in the year 0 CR, when the 4 largest and most powerfull realms on the planet signed a peace-treaty after a war between them had raged for hundreds of years.
These realms are:
Cemen, with as capital Arquen (kingdom)
Narëal, with as capital Mindon-Nasár (empire)
Nen, with as capital Nénacar (theocracy)
Vilya, with as capital Vilquar (empire)
The peace-treaty was signed in the city of Cardárë, the "House of Light". This city's location is known only to a few of the world's most important people. It is the Head Quarters of the legendary Order of the Horn of Valor. This powerful Order is a secret society of paladins, priests and other folk, all of Lawfull Good alingment. It strives to do good in this world and it protects the good and the weak from the attacks of evil. It's leaders are unknown. Their symbol is a shield with a golden horn.

The planet of Alcarin turns around Nairel in 700 days; a year. The year contains 7 months of 100 days each. A month consists of 10 weeks of 10 days each. Below here is a table containing the relations:

1 year   =   7 months   =   70 weeks   =   700 days  
1 month   =   10 weeks   =   100 days      
1 week   =   10 days          
1 day   =   24 hours          

The planet turns around it's axes in 48 hours. Still, a day is 24 hours. This is because there are 2 suns. On the first day, the sun that rises is Nairel and on the second day it is Vasel. The 2 suns make sure that the normal schedule of day and night is the same as in our world.
This system brings some strange events with it:
Event 1: The planet is directly between the 2 suns. This happens during summer, in the fourth month (see below for exact dates). During these days, called the Days of Light, it is light day and night. In the night, both of the suns are visible, one on the eastern rim and the other on the western rim.
Event 2: The sun Nairel is directly between the planet and the sun Vasel. This happens during winter, in the seventh month (see below for exact dates). During these days, called the Days of Darkness, it is light only every other day. This is because on the second day, Alcarin would normally be lit by Vasel, but it can't do that now.
Of course, none of the normal inhabitants of Alcarin know that this happens because their are 2 suns. Only Astronomers actually think that there are 2 suns. Because of this, the are always made fun of by the normal people. The normal people consider these events as a divine intervention. They explain it with the well known legend of Coronar's Mirror.
This legend is told to little children during the Days of Light and the Days of Darkness.

The months on Alcarin; their popular names and their meaning:
1. Khrivin - (Snow-fall)
2. Coiren - (Stirring)
3. Lótelú - (The Time of Flowers)
4. Milaireth - (Mid-Summer)
5. Lótimen - (Harvest)
6. Dhravin - (Leaf-fall)
7. Mihriveth - (Mid-Winter)

The Days of Light are from 25 Milaireth until 75 Milaireth
The Days of Darkness are from 25 Mihriveth to 75 Mihriveth.

On 50 Milaireth is the the Mid-Summer Feast. At that date, the people will remember the legend of Coronar's Mirror. It is a very serious feast and a day of remorse, since everybody tries to remeber the missteps and evil deeds which they have comitted in the past.
On 50 Mihriveth is the Mid-Winter Feast. At this date, the people will also remember the legend of Coronar's Mirror. This feast is a very happy one, since the people celebrate the fact that Coronar returned the sun to Alcarin and forgave them their evil ways.

The Seasons:
Spring    51 Khrivin - 50 Lótelú
Summer    51 Lótelú - 50 Lótimen
Autum    51 Lótimen - 50 Dhravin
Winter    51 Dhravin - 50 Khrivin

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