Bat Plague
By: Arjan Wardekker
Difficulty: Level 2-4
Game: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)

The mission starts in Khazad, a medium sized town (of course it can be any town you like).
The PC's hear rumours of a bat plague in the village of Nolpa, a day's walk north north-east of Khazad. They probably hear these rumours from some of the inhabitants of Nolpa, who have fled to Khazad (just a few have fled; most of them (100) still live there) or from people who have relatives living there. When the PC's go to Nolpa, half way the trip, they will meet a man (fighter, level 2, Lawful Neutral) on a cart, leaving the village:

AC = 7
Strength = 18/00
weapon = two-handed sword
Hit Points = 2d10+2
XP value = 75
equipment = 4 torches, armour (studded leather), 2 gp, cart, horse, some household stuff (chairs, clothes, ect.)

He will inform them about the latest situation in Nolpa: there are large bats and they have killed a lot of cattle.
A short description of Nolpa: farms, some houses build around a central square, a shrine of the Goddess of Nature in the centre of the central square, an inn (innkeeper John (56 years old, Lawful Neutral) and waitress Olga (15 years old, Chaotic Good)), a general store, a mayor's house (the mayor is named Boromir (67 years old, Lawful Good)), a doctor's practice and a horse breeder.
The mayor and the innkeeper will be able to tell the PC's where to find the bats' hiding place: a cave about 1 hour's walk east of the town. They will also tell them, that there is a reward of 25 gp if they kill the bats and bring the prove of it with them.
When they reach the cave, they will hear some strange squeaking from within the cave (the bats). Upon entering the cave, they will notice that the ground is covered with a layer of dry, gray stuff (guano; bat droppings). After walking some 100 metres through a corridor, they will enter a large dome (10 metres wide, 4 metres high). The dome has an entrance on the south side (that's were the PC's are coming from) and on the east side. Upon entering the dome, they will hear the squeaking again and they will be attacked by 20 large bats (18 of the 'normal' version and 2 of the 'large' version of the large bat):

AC = 8 (reduced to 4, when they are attacking in swarm)
THAC0 = 19
weapon = bite: 1d2 damage (1d4 for the large version)
Hit Points = 1d4
special = putting out torches (1% chance per bat encountered per round), confuse spell casting (Wisdom check required to cast spells), +3 AC bonus against enemies with Dexterity 13 or less fireing missile weapons, cause rabies (1% chance per hit point of damage; 1d4+6 day incubation period; once this period has ended the victim has 10 days to live (the doctor in Nolpa has antidotes)
XP Value = 35

Might they kill all bats and enter the corridor on the east side of the dome, they will reach a small room. In this room, a hobgoblin awaits the PC's. Make sure he waits there, and doesn't rush into the dome when the PC's have just killed the bats; they would probably need healing first.
The room: 2 by 3 metres, 2 metres high, a bed on the east side, a table with chair on the north side. On the table is a burning candle. In the left drawer (there are 2 drawers) is a letter, written by the hobgoblin. This letter (written in common) proves that he kept the bats as pets. The players will also need to give this letter to the mayor, because it is the main proof for killing the bats. In the letter, the number of bats (20) is registered. Of course, they will also need to bring the dead bats, as part of the proof. In the right drawer is a bottle of ink (almost empty) and a pen.
The hobgoblin will attack the PC's upon entering the room, screaming: "You've killed my bats!"
The hobgoblin:

AC = 5
THAC0 = 19
weapon = long sword
Hit Dice = 1+1
XP Value = 35
equipment = armor (studded leather), 2 gp, standard rations (2 weeks), 7 torches, flint and steel

Once they have killed the hobgoblin and returned to the mayor of Nolpa, they must give him the letter and the 20 dead bats. They might also give him the dead hobgoblin and/or his head. This will result in a 2 gp bonus. Might they forget either the letter or the bats, the mayor will ask for more proof (give the PC's some hints). Once proof is given, the mayor will give them the money.
News of this heroic act will spread quickly among the inhabitants and they will soon be invited for a party (free food & drink and a free night's stay at the inn). The party is to be held at the inn.

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