Rich Man's Basement
By: Arjan Wardekker
Difficulty: Level 3-4
Game: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)

The mission starts in LaurŽa, a large trading town (of course it can be any town you like).
When the players are enjoying their lunch in an inn, a rich man will come wandering into the inn. This man's name is Sir John Oakenwood. He is a member of the city council.

Sir John:
AC = 9
THAC0 = 20
Weapon = dagger
Hit Points: 6
XP Value = 15
Equipment = embroided robe, silk clothing, 15 gp

Sir John is looking for some adventurers. Of course, he spots the party and starts talking to them. Sir John tells the party that he is an adventurer to. When he says this, the PC's who can hear him, must make a Wisdom/IntuÔtion check. If the PC succeeds the check, he or she will know that this is nonsense. Of course, a society type like Sir John hasn't got the courage to start adventuring. If the check fails, the PC's will believe him.
Sir John continues talking, and informs the party on the fact that he has brought several eggs back from his journeys. Recently, the eggs cracked up and several very scary creatures emerged from them. He asks the party to clear up his basement and says that he will pay them 20 gp when they are finished (this price is negotiable). If the party agrees to help him, he will guide them to his house, a large stone villa in a rich quarter in LaurŽa. If not all the partymembers are present at the initial conversation and the PC's notify him about this, he will offer them to send a servant after them to bring them to his house. After that, he will guide them trough the many corridors in his house to the entrance door to his basement. This is a large oaken door, with iron bars. He will open the door (which is locked) and with a very frightened grin on his face, he will wish them good luck.
The players descend the stairs into a small room. Immediately after the players are in the room, Sir John will shut and lock the door behind them. He will tell them that he will wait there until they return. Below is a description and a map of the basement. The goal of the dungeon is to kill the 2 spiders and the carrion crawler and bring their bodies to Sir John. After they have done that, he will give them the money and thank them very much. Any damage caused to his basement will be deducted from the money he shall pay them, unless the players say that the spiders and/or the carrion crawler have done this. If the players enter the Safe and Sir John will find out about this, he can do the following things: refuse to pay anything to the players, or, if they have stolen some things out of the Safe, turn them in to the town guards.

Room 1:
The stairs come down on the south side of the room (5 by 6 meters, ceiling is 3 meters high). On the left is a large dining table 1 by 3 metres) with 9 chairs. Straight across the room is a small desk with 4 candles laying on top of it. The drawers of the desk are empty. On the right is a cupboard. In the cupboard is a corcscrew and a piece of cloth, large enough to cover the dining table. In the north-east corner of the room is a door (not locked). This door leads to a corridor (1 by 2 meters). At the end of the corridor is another door (not locked). This door enters into Room 2.

Room 2:
Along the west side of the room (4 by 4 meters) are 2 huge barrels (3 meters high, 2 meters in diameter). These barrels are filled with beer. Both barrels have a tap, so the players can drink some of the beer. At the north side of the room is a cupboard. In the cupboard are 15 wine glasses and 15 wooden mugs. Just next to the cupboard, in the north-east corner of the room, is a corridor (1 by 2 meters). This corridor leads into room 3.

Room 3:
Along the north side of the room (7 by 7 meters) is a cupboard. It is empty. In the north-east corner of the room is a corridor (1 by 2 meters). This corridor leads to Room 5. In the middle of the room are 7 cupboards filled with glass bottles with strange liquids and other junk. If one or more players try to walk between them, they must make a dexterity check to avoid the tripwire between the cupboards (marked with a "G" on the map). If one of them fails, all cupboards fall. Two Green Slimes were in glass bottles on the shelves. They fall on the players who were between the cupboards. If there is only one player there, he gets attacked by only 1 of the Slimes (they can't fall in the same place). If there are 2 or more, 2 players get attacked (1 Slime for each player).

Green Slime ("X3"):
AC = 9
THAC0 = 19
weapon = special: victim is turned into Green Slime in 1d4 rounds
Hit Dice = 2
special = dissolves metal; Plate Mail is dissolved in 3 rounds
XP Value = 65

Make attack rolls for the Slimes. If the roll fails, but would have succeeded if the player hadn't worn armor (dexterity and magical bonusses still apply) the Slime hits the armor. If this armor is made out of metal, it is dissolved (in 2, 3 or 4 rounds, depending on the armor; Plate Mail in 3 rounds). After that period of time, the player is hit anyway (his armor is gone). If the player is hit, he will be turned into Green Slime in 1d4 rounds. The players can kill it or wash it off the armor with alcohol (the beer from room 2, for example). If the players hit the slime with metal weapons, these weapons will dissolve (arrow heads to).
Along the south side of the room are 7 bookshelves. Each shelve contains 51 books, tablets of clay and fake (wooden) books. Most of the books are cooking books about vegetables. The book (marked with an "A" on the map) in the middle of the shelves (4th shelve, 26th book) is a mechanism to move open a part of the shelves. It can be activated by trying to take the book from the shelve. If the door opens, the players can see the large iron door of the safe (marked with a "B" on the map). The door has a 7 digit code lock. The code is: 5695837. The door can be opened by entering the code, lock-picking (with a 20% penalty, since it is a very difficult lock) or destroying the lock (with the acid from the Green Slimes for example). The door opens into Room 4.

Room 4:
Room 4 is the Safe (7 by 7 meters). There are 5 shelves with precious stones and along the east side of the room are 8 bags filled with gold, silver and copper pieces. If the players like, each player can take an amount of 100 gp and 20 stones (worth 2d10 x 5 gp (total)). Sir John will get really mad if they enter the Safe, even if they don't steal anything. He will certainly call for the guards. In the north east corner of the room is a door (locked) which enters into a corridor (1 by 2 meters) which leads to Room 6.

Room 5:
Along the north and east side of the room (3 by 3 meters) are shelves. Some large eggs are on the shelves. In the middle is are stairs, leading down to Level 2, into Room 7. As soon as the players enter the room, they are attacked by 2 Large Spiders.

Large Spider ("X1"):
AC = 8
THAC0 = 19
weapon = bite (1 damage) and poison (1d6 damage)
Hit Dice = 1
XP Value = 65

Room 6:
On the north wall of the room (3 by 3 meters) is a piece of cloth, marked with the family weapon of the Oakenwood family (heraldry check to know this). The cloth is trapped (trap marked with "F" on the map): anyone who tries to touch it receives an electric shock (1d6 damage), no save. In the north east corner is a statue with a Full Plate Mail, a body shield and a long sword. This statue is protected in the same way as the piece of cloth. In the middle of the room are stairs, leading down to Level 2, into Room 9.

Room 7:
In the room (2 by 3 metres) are stairs leading up to Level 1, into Room 5. On the west side of the room is a corridor (1 by 3 metres) leading into Room 8.

Room 8:
This room (4 by 9 meters) is the wine cellar. There are 5 cupboards filled with bottles of fairly good wine (red). At the back of the room is a Carrion Crawler. It will attack as soon as a player looks around the corner of the cupboard that conceals it.

Carrion Crawler ("X2"):
AC = 3 (head) / 7 (body)
THAC0 = 17
weapon = bite (1d2 damage) or 8x paralysation (save vs paralysation to negate the effect; effect lasts for 2d6 turns).
Hit Dice = 3+1
XP Value = 420

Room 9:
In the room (2 by 3 meters) are the stairs, leading up to Level 1, into Room 6. On the south wall of the room is a large red button (30 cm in diameter and 10 cm high, marked with "D" on the map) with the text "Do not push" on it. If anyone is as stupid to push it, the doors to Room 4 and Room 10 will shut and Room 6 and Room 9 will flood in 10 rounds. The water comes from Room 6, so it will flow down the stairs into Room 9. A strength check is required to get up the stairs (through the water). The doors can be opened with an open doors check. If the players try to destroy them with their weapons, they are AC 0 (as there is a steel plate hidden in it) and take 25 points of damage to destroy. Small weapons (daggers, arrows, ect.) won't cause any damage. The button can be pushed aside, to the west (left on the map). If this is done, a small black button (5 cm in diameter) will become visible. If this button is pushed, it will deactivate the mines (marked with an "E" on the map) in the corridor (1 by 5 meters) in the south-west corner of the room. The players won't notice the deactivation of the mines (except for the fact that they don't explode, of course).
In the corridor contains 5 mines at regular intervals. Before the first mine, there is a tripwire. The first one who passes, must make a dexterity check or fall right on the mine (this will cause double damage). The mines cause 1d6 damage, no save. At the end of the corridor is a door (locked). This door opens into Room 10.

Room 10:
Along the east wall and the eastern half of the north and south walls of the room (4 by 6 meters) are cupboards. In it is a lot of junk and an old book, containing the spell Burning Hands. In the room is a large desk, two chairs in front of it and one large, comfortable chair behind it. On the desk are a candle and a sheet of paper. In the desk's drawers are a pot of ink and another piece of paper. Just north of the desk is a large treasure chest (at least, it looks like one). The chest looks to be made of a very expensive wood and is decorated with gold. As soon as the player's touch the chest, it will cover itself with glue and attack them. The chest is not a chest, but a Mimic.

Mimic ("X4"):
AC = 7
THAC0 = 13
weapon = smash with pseudopod (3d4 damage)
Hit Dice = 8
special = glue (anyone touching the glue (it is all over the chest) must make an open doors check to get free, only one attempt can be made per person; this also goes for weapons and other items, glue can be weakened with alcohol in 3 rounds)
XP Value = 1400

When the players have killed the Mimic, they will notice that is smells good. The dead Mimic itself can be sold to a wizard for about 100 gp.
Directly behind the desk is another cupboard. It consists of three parts. If the middle part is opened, they will find a button (about 5 cm in diameter, marked with a "C" on the map). When this button is pushed, the wall will move aside (into the north wall) and a door (unlocked) can be seen. Behind this door, is a corridor (1 by 2 meters) leading west. The corridor will make a turn to the south and continue for 4 meters. At the end of the corridor is another door (unlocked). This door opens into the sewers. At the sewer-side of the door is no handle and if it is closed, it is almost invisible (secret door). To the east is a dead end. To the west, the players will find some small stairs, leading up to the streets.

The dungeon map:
Map of basement

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Comment by: gordon
I enjoyed this nice little quest as I did all of the other ones you have posted on this site. They are quite creative and and my friends enjoy playing them as much as I like telling them. I would just like to thank you for helping out youre fellow dm's.

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