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March 2001 newsletter, 1 april 2001

Greetings traveler,

Welcome to the fifth edition of the newsletter.
There is an archive of the previous newsletters in the Townhall and the columns are added to the Town Square, so you can always read it again. The mailinglist is a bit late this month, my apologies for that. There where not many updates this month, mainly because of lack of time. I've put most time in revising all the pages to fix a picture bug. The wooden bars and fire on every page couldn't be seen in internet explorer, because they where still located on the old geocities location. I don't know why exactly they errored, but they needed to be fixed anyway. That's quite time-consuming, considering that I need to alter about a hundred pages or more. And I'm not finished with it by far. Anyway, the newsletter is here and it is a long one; a big close-up and an even bigger column (and it's a brilliant one again). Thanks to Wouter, who spent last night writing it.
Enjoy reading...

This letter's content:
1. What's New
2. Coming Up Soon
3. Close-Up
4. Column: Men with a Mission


31/03/2001 - installed Wouter van de Zandschulp as moderator for the general board

28/03/2001 - corrected IE picture errors for gate and inn

27/03/2001 - corrected IE picture errors for town and barracks

23/03/2001 - cleaned up the Gate and placed a new banner link

21/03/2001 - new picture in the gallery (Temple): "Thi'il Greenleaf and Dr'Harr"

19/03/2001 - new character in the School: Elbar

16/03/2001 - new article in the Town Square: "What is an RPG?"

14/03/2001 - new rpg humor in the Wyvern Inn: "Werewolf Humor"

08/03/2001 - implemented new style scrollbar on the messageboards

01/03/2001 - implemented new style scrollbar in town

Visit for the latest updates.


And again I didn't have time to put up the Cemen-map. Hopefuly I'll be able to do that this month. I've also got some sketches ready for the worldmap of Alcarin (the world of the Elfstone Campaign Setting). It will take a while before that one's online though. The Pantheon also needs some work done, but I doubt if I'll get to that this month. We'll see.
I am still working on the IE picture problem and I've given it top priority. I think I will be able to fix it within a week. If it is finished I'll work on the new scrollbars to. Those things only work in IE 5.5 and better, but they don't give other users any problems and they look quite cool.
The Dunékŕr Online RPG (on the message boards) is running smoothly and I expect lots of posts again this month. The webnovel "Goiren and the Blackened Blades" could really use more people writing a follow-up piece. They're in a quite interresting situation; with heavily armed Gnomes that don't look like they want to make friends...
One of my friends is currently writing a nice piece about demons and demon-summoning and especially about what can go wrong. I've seen the rough piece and it looks quite cool. I think he'll finish it within a month or two.


The History of Dunékŕr (Townhall and entire site)

"Dunékàr is a medium town and lies at the river Nydowyn, near the mountains of the Ered Elen. The nearest other settlement is the village of Greenoak, only a day's walk away.
The town was orignally a small fishing village of a strange kind of wild men, the Dunékàr. It was only several hundreds of years ago when the first civilised men started to arive here, sailing up the river from the far away sea. At first the Dunékàr were hostile to the civilised men, because they considered the entire place their own and destroyed large parts of the wood in order to cultivate the land. The village was reduced to ashes in a short conflict and most of the Dunékàr fled to the mountains. Only a few of the bravest of the Dunékàr stayed closeby and eventually made peace with the civilised men.
The Dunékàr learned the speach and ways of the civilised men and told them much about their way of living. The men, who now felt much remorse, therefor named the newly founded town after these strange wild men: Dunékàr."

That was a short description of the history of Dunékŕr. This town is the town on which the entire site is centered and where the site's storyline plays. It lies in the middle of nowhere, with only one small village near: Greenoak, just a day's travel away. The town is located in some forested areas near the mountains of the Ered Elen, the Mountains of Stars. Actually it is quite close to where a trail runs into the mountains to the Trollbattle Pass and the Elven kingdom of Minas Elen. This is the country and home of Gildor of Elenor, the character after whom this site is named.
The name of Dunékŕr was introduced and made up by a friend of mine, Jan-Willem v/d Broek, during a role-playing campaign with an RPG called "The Guide to Adventure", TGTA for short. It lay in a low level magic setting, wich we named the Cerm setting, after the world and the nearest real city. The town played a minor role in the RPG until Gildor of Elenor recaptured his throne and the party left the setting forever. The town of Dunékŕr was reintroduced into play in the Elfstone Campaign Setting, where it lies near Minas Elen (also introduced from the Cerm setting), north of the empire of Vilya on the eastern continent.

More about Dunékŕr:
The Legend of Orodin and the Minas Elen Chronicles:
Elfstone Campaign Setting:

A column by Wouter vd Zandschulp;

"Just imagine"

Some times all the wonder and mystery seems to be out of life. You know you are going to eat too much, you know you are going to watch TV way to long and neglect your responsibilities. You can't help it, you are a bit bored with your life, you want something else but you are not getting it.
You want to see something good on TV but you know you can count on a dubbed, pointless and many times seen before commercial involving something slightly famous but not nice to look at. You can go somewhere by car, but you'll get stuck in traffic and trains are mostly late. Of course going by bike is quite perfect, but it has one big reason not to use it; you'll get tired.
What I'm trying to say with this big lead is that life can get a bit boring and depressing from time to time. We are created and are on this earth, but what is for us to control? We can't control anything ourselves, nothing goes our way (with they exception of speeding traffic, which can go our way, way too fast). We can't control anything, seriously. Even our own minds are out of control, if you order yourself not to think about polar bears, that will be the first thing you'll think about. If you want to stop violence, you will have to keep the violence-doers from violating by hitting them violently, that's the only thing they'll listen to.
There's nothing to control, not about yourself, let alone others. There's not much a human can do, they can only dream about most things. But dream, they can. They can imagine. Well, it's not much, but if you can do nothing else… all you can do is imagine… well... WAIT A MINUTE! You can imagine that you can do a lot of things! Just as presidents are doing! You can imagine being able to create characters and let them live, within your mind! That's really cool! You can do it together with a DM and everything, just be creative and let your fantasy go! It's great. Just role-play together! Just imagine and create in your mind! That's, that's, well... almost as good as TV! Well, that's role-playing; it's about being creative. Coming together with a group of friends and seeing the light in their eye's if they make up something (but mostly when they're about to make a very stupid and pointless joke). And they always go all out, use every possibility they get, driving the DM crazy who tries to keep it together.
They use every imaginary situation to show what their character has got. To make all possible stupid jokes? To prove themselves among their friends? To give their character, their child of imagination, their creation which they love and in which they all secretly find the most true version of themselves, the best life he can have because of their deep emotional bond? We all know those are not true. It is about the experience-points, obviously.
And later on you get back in your normal life. You get home.
"How did it go tonight?"
"Some got killed."
"Ah... how nice."
Your family is used to this kind of conversation. And then, you're back in normal life. Life where you have to be more careful because dying is for real and people don't assume you play it when you show your real self.
It's no wonder you want to get out and role-play every once and a while. And after all, it's a perfect way to attack your friend without any risk of getting hurt (without the small exception of dices thrown in your eye).

Well, that's it for this month's newsletter. I hope you enjoyed it. Reactions to the newsletter can be sent to:

Lord Gildor
"May the stars guide you on your journeys"

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