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realmsofgildor / newsletter, 1 august 2001

Greetings traveler,

Welcome to the ninth edition of the realmsofgildor / newsletter.
There is an archive of the previous newsletters in the Townhall and the columns are added to the Town Square, so you can always read it again.
It has been a busy month. First of all, we've got a new url: . Second, we've got a new name:, World of Fantasy. For further changes, check out this month's Close-Up. Enjoy reading...

This letter's content:
1. What's New
2. Coming Up Soon
3. Close-Up
4. Column: Men with a Mission


31/07/2001 - new character in the School: "Antera Griffuria"

30/07/2001 - new poem in the Temple: "In(ter)vention"

27/07/2001 - uploaded and installed a search script on the site

26/07/2001 - modified boards navbar to fit with (attempts to install the board there have failed), enlisted in the RPGHost Top 25 Fantasy sites

25/07/2001 - uploaded the site to and implemented templates all over the site (shortens the download time of the site)

24/07/2001 - registered the new domain:

22/07/2001 - new picture in the fantasy art gallery (Temple): "Justice"

17/07/2001 - new picture in the fantasy art gallery (Temple): "Lost Love", uploaded version 2.0 for the Bookgenerator script (Temple), uploaded 4 new poems/songs to the Temple: "To touch the daylight in the morning sun", "Moonlight's Last Dance", "Final Farewell" and "Life".

16/07/2001 - made entire site non-frames-compatible, created fantasy art gallery in the Temple

13/07/2001 - Dragonflight (Wyvern Inn; games) now runs in a random environment

08/07/2001 - improved Knight of Heaven's Vengeance prestige class (School)

06/07/2001 - 2 new links in The Gate

04/07/2001 - new prestige class in the School: "Sortier"

03/07/2001 - new article in the Town Square: "Life: A Fate Worse Than Death"

Visit for the latest updates.


Now the new domain is up, we are on the look for a banner advertising network to finance the site. I hope to have some advertisment on the site as soon as possible. If you know any good networks, please, please e-mail them to me.
I think there will be some more poetry and maybe some artwork coming up. Hopefully we'll have some more submissions to the Town Square, School and Barracks to. I will also take a look at some poll scripts. Maybe I'll add one.


the new domain

It is a big change, so I've decided to dedicate this month's Close-Up to the new domain: .
There will be no changes to this mailinglist, besides the name of course. Most of the site is still the same to. So then, what has changed besides the name and adress? Not that much. is still the Realms of Gildor it used to be. The domain name did come with new hosting and much more possibilities than the Amethyst Alliance site. It costs money (unlike the Amethyst Alliance site), but I've got CGI and PHP access and some other great things to. This means that I do not have to put the larger part of the CGI scripts on sites with loads of popup screens and other advertising nightmares. The message boards are still on the popupbannerpages, but only because I couldn't get it installed on the server. Something cool I have put up recently, is a CGI based search script, which allows the user to search the site on keywords or phrases. It can come in really handy if you don't know where to look.
Another new thing is that I've templatized the entire site to limit the download time. The large tables that are used in making the wood-and-flame layout on all the pages have been put into a seperate file that is looked into on every page. This means you won't have to download it all over again on every page. And it makes it easy for me to change the site's design or add things like banners to every page on the site, just by editting a file or two.
In the coming month's I'll be looking for new CGI and PHP gadgets for the site. Thinks like polls for example. Not the link to the messageboards that I currently use, but the kind of thing you see on a lot of sites.

Now, what is "alcarin" and why did I take it as a domain name?
Alcarin is the name of the home world of my Elfstone Campaign Setting. It is the planet where Dunkr (the town that is the center of the site) and the "Realms of Gildor" (the Elven kindom of Minas Elen, just a few miles from Dunkr) are located. I've discussed about the name of the site with many people the past month and they thought this name to sound really cool and be appropriate for the site.
Another meaning of "alcarin" is Quenya, one of J.R.R. Tolkien's languages from Middle Earth. It means "glorious". So that should be a good omen for the site :-) It was the title of one of the kings of Gondor, I think.

The search page:
Elfstone Campaign Setting; in Yoghurt's School:
Map of Alcarin:

A column by Wouter vd Zandschulp;

'Warriors of knowledge'

People are screaming. Very loud. Fire is all around them, and it is no barbeque. The whole city is on fire and everybody runs in terror.
A passer by who asks what's going on only hears: "The warriors are coming.. the warriors are coming... the warriors.. run for your life!"
The man quickly checks his insurrancepapers for 'warriors', then runs in terror, just in time.
A big group full of Orcs, Trolls, Lizardman, carrying all kinds of poisoned and burning arrows storms in. After them, their leader, a simple human being, protected by his evil company, calls out real hard (and wishes he had a megafone): "THERE'S NO WAY OUT. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE! YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT! WE WANT... TO KNOWLEDGE...."

All kinds of villages in this areas have suffered under the enormous power of this very evil group. No village had any idea what they wanted. Lot's of adventure party's have tried to defeat them... and failed. All hope has gone.
Of course people have tried to find out what they really want. They want to knowledge?
In the city of Smart, many intelligent people or people who considered themselves to be intelligent (this happens a lot) have formed a councel to debate about the matter.
After a lot of arguing, because of the many different opinions or made-up different opinions made by people who think it is smart to have a own point of view and who don't want to admit they agree with another because he will look smarter than them, a spokes-person came with their conclusion.
"People of Smart!," he started, "first of all I would like to thank you for the patience you've had with our debating in this very difficult times."
"Hurry up!" the people are shouting.
"Shut up! I'm thanking you for your patience!" he calls back. "Anyway, we all know that Orcs and Trolls and Lizardman aren't very clever. You could say that there are more brains in my lunchbox then in their whole army. Their leader, a human, must know this and further more we believe that the proverb: "Knowledge is power" has come to his attention. That's why we believe he wants to increase the power of his group by violently seeking knowledge. The spelling error: 'we want to knowledge' is probably a result of their lack of it. So when they get here, we just give them knowledge."

A few weeks later, after everyone has agreed with the solution, the city is under attack by the 'warriors of knowledge' as they are called. "A whale is not a fish because it doesn't lay eggs" one calls out to the evil-dors.
Another one shouts: "Breathmints can come in handy for every Orc."
Later on the whole city is destroyed and the citizens ask themselfs what went wrong, while the councilmembers smile friendly and wave a bit, while quietly walking to a half-broken sign: "You are now leaving Smart".
And so the warriors didn't want knowledge, appartantly.

One day a simple human boy and a girl were walking around, just talking, when suddenly the evil faces of a big group of Orcs, Trolls and Lizardman were before them.
Behind them a man called out with a, by now, hoarsh voice: "WE WANT TO KNOWLEDGE!"
The girl scaredly jumped behind the boy and didn't hear a thing out of fear.
When see dared to look, she saw the boy and the leader of the group shake hands. After this the party walked away in a friendly matter, all of them going in their own direction, while throwing away their weapons.
"How did you do that?" the girl asked suprised.
"Simply," the boy said. "My name is Ledge, now they know me and are happy."

Well, that's it for this month's newsletter. I hope you enjoyed it. Lord Gildor
"May the stars guide you on your journeys"

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