Incognito's Tale
By: Jurri van Meerveld
Genre: Fantasy

An example of the dangers of summoning demons.
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Welcome my friend, since you've come this far there probably is no reason to kill you now, probably.
For now stay and rest a little while I'll amuse you with a little tale. I mean, you do want to gain knowledge don't you? Of course you do, why else would you have come here?

This tale begins in another world. In a dark city named Renoire. In this city lived a great wizard. A necromancer of great skill. He didn't slaughter entire villages or dined on the flesh of young maidens, no nothing of that. He was a careful man. But even the careful can be brought down.
But the wizard wasn't satisfied with the bondings of his mortal soul. He wanted more power than he could gather in an entire lifetime. SO he gathered all the things he needed for a great feat. The summoning of a demon.
This is not a thing to be taken lightly, demons are powerful beings so evil mortals cannot even begin to understand it.
He started casting his spell. Six days and nights he was busy. And at last, at the sixth night, at exactly six minutes after six the demon appeared.
The wizard stated to the demon his request for power. The demon merely laughed and disapeared in a large cloud of smoke. After the smoke cleared only the wizard was visible. One of his few servants came to him and asked if he was alright.
The wizard looked at him with a strange look on his face and walked right out of his palace. He traveled the land and performed many good deeds, obviously his encounter with evil had changed him.
The king of the land invited the wizard to his court. After a while the wizard had aquired the status of councilman of the king. With his help the king became known in the history books as Alvar the Enlighted. The wizard adviced the king to educate his people, and so he did.
A few kings later that land became the scientific center of that world.
The wizard brought the level of knowledge to a level unheard of. Flying machines and enormous towers that reached to the sky became normal.
With the progress of science came a similar decrease in religion. The influence of the old gods became less and less until they were forgotten.
So when the demons invaded there came no help. The demon once summoned by the wizard had done his job very well.

Are you still here? Are you still not afraid? Well, you should be. Perhaps next time I will tell you another tale, but for now I must rest. Fare thee well, lone wanderer.

Incognito, first of the Order of the Scripticae

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