Men with a Mission: Success
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

Jonathan and the old man were very busy ever since. They created a Big Plan to help Jonathan upwards. They called it: 'The Big Plan to help Jonathan upwards'.
"Well, it mostly should be done naturally. Your fame should just rise because you perform well" the old man said. "I've got a surprise for you. We will go some place we were a long time ago."
They went towards the castle.
"Erm... old man... there's a real angry king and his married daughter... and I..."
"That's not where we are going" the old man replied.
They walked at a safe distance around the castle.
"This is towards my old home" Jonathan thought.
"That's right..." the old man pondered. "Maybe I should get to that place too... now we are travelling anyway..."

One night Jonathan pondered by the fire. Was he really going to become anything? The old man seemed to have some sort of plan with him. But he was nothing... always had been... or a goat. All his fame fled so fast. The old man himself had been a dreamer.
Once, long ago, he got him of the roof. What was his plan. Putting him back up there because he had given up? Jonathan wouldn't blame him.
Sure, he had made some progress, but always ended with nothing. He probable had to face real fame wasn't for him. Real fame by his own creativity. It was a dream the two had shared. Jonathan meant to become a big bard. It had been a nice dream. He loved the old man and always would be thankful for him to share this with him this far.
But maybe he should just work in some factory or so... if they are really desperate and even hire an artistic clumsy fool...
With still some sort of satisfied grin Jonathan went to bed. His adventurous life had not been all that bad. At least he got to have had one. Now he probably will be grown-up and get married and settle down. He would miss his adventures so very much...

Next day they first walked by Jonathans house. Then to the inn named 'The Inn That Really Should Have Had A Name But Sadly Did Not Because Of The Lack Of A Good Idea', but it seemed to have changed his name into: 'Bert'.
The barman shrugged when he saw their surprised faces.
"Sure beats the old name..." he said.
They couldn't not agree more.
Jonathan saw an arrogant looking old bard he recognised, with a real scary sort of little copy of himself next to him. With a better look he recognised a young bard he once competed against in this very bar. But this one scarily had changed into a clone of his master.
"How are you two doing?" this man asked with an mocking look.
"Oh.. we got separated more then once... Jonathan has been in jail, hit by an Orc and he has been a marketing goat who demolished the scene of his goats big show.. and he pronounced love to a princess on her wedding party where he had his first entertainment gig."
The bard looked baffled for all these unexpected revolutions.
"And now you've given up?" he asked.
"Nope. My bard has proven to think on his own. He has been doing much and now he will kick ass. Not literarily, I may hope, but then again, I never know."
The other bard was at a loss for words.
Jonathan then was forced on stage. As it seemed the old man had arranged a re-match. Jonathans parents came in, he invited them too.
Jonathan had nothing prepared. He used the audience to get a few laughs and tried some songs he had pondered about at nighttimes. And the public loved it.
Late at night, a party was going on because of the great entertainer Jonathan. And he knew to be having the thing actually called: success.

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