Men with a Mission: Hero's in the bar
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

Limbars' Inn had the lights on, still very late. A man came in, nicely dressed and with a blinding smile.
He jumped on a barstool and drank quickly.
A man in a black cloak came after him. The man threw his beer at the man in de dark cloak, quickly pushed the barstool on top of the man. More came in. He jumped towards a chandelier hanging on the ceiling and waved himself out of the window, yelling: "I'll be back!"
The men in black cloaks yelled angry and kicked a table, which fell. They left too.

Limbar kept cleaning a glass and sighed.
The man came back, with one eye and some missing fingers.
"They are on to me..." he said... "but I got away."
"So it appears" Limbar said.
"A beer man, quickly!"
The man started to drink his beer. Until black cloaked man came in. He quickly jumped of his stool, pulled the rug they were on. While they fell, he kicked a hole in the floor and got out under the bar, yelling: "I'll be back!"
The black cloaked men yelled angry. Some went outside through the door, some through the hole under the bar.

Limbar cleaned his glass and sighed again. He started to get a beer ready.
The man came back, with less hair and teeth. He tried to drink his beer quickly.
"What's the matter with you? Why do you keep coming back, demolish my bar. And why do you yell you will be back so that those guys know it? And why don't they just wait for you here then? What's the matter with those people!"
The man drank his beer.
"Simple. I'm a hero. I always come back to show I am still alive. I always live through everything and return to have my vengeance. Err... for the benefit of all mankind, of course."
He smiled his shining teeth in a general direction. He then looked outside.
"They are late, aren't they?"
Limbar looked at him puzzled.
"Okay, I understand you have to be back? But why does that have to be inside my bar?"
He got over there and threw the hero out.
Now the sign by his bar said: "No overpowered adventurer-party's, bards and heroes allowed."

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