Men with a Mission: Secrets of rpg-ing
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

Like for instance the Templars, rpg-ing also is a very secret kind of society. None seems to have a clue what goes on inside such a group from the outside. So, of course, one would go on and speculate what the use is of such a secret group.
Wild speculations could lead to the thought that a rpg-group consists of the new version of the ancient society in favor of people drinking freshly squished orange juice. For all they know, rpg-ers could be promoting this message in peoples heads all the time, talking about new strategies on all rpg-nights.
Wandering out of their houses at night, secretly making billboards in promotion of freshly squished orange juice.
Secretly greeting each other with the code word. Secretly going into factories at night to demolish the machines that make orange juice which is not freshly squished.
Of course, the big corporations who want to sell such orange juice, manufactured cheap and made taste bad, would do anything to keep they're license. No wonder the organisation had to go secret. World wide they had to adapt to make believe they played some sort of game, all as a cover. Books for this cover where print from the secret head organisation in America. TSR, in reality meaning The Stuff for Real, was actually founded a long, long time ago by one man who sold freshly squished orange juice, secretly taking revenge on the horrible things the big corporations did to him to take him out of business.
Secretly he is collecting more and more oranges, while preparing the world domination with help of his loyal helpers, all the people who pretend to play this weird 'game'.

The cover seems shaky. Explaining something unexplainable should make people curious. Luckily, people seem to ignore and avoid talk about this. The whole cover-up by rpg-ers, pretending they are geeky people who will start talk for hours about numbers and terms you will not be able to understand, works like a charm.

Even now, today, when someone wanted to ask me about rpg another person quickly made sure I would not start talking about this at all and even made this to be known as 'The Subject We do not Talk About'.

And so it comes so far I can even openly tell the truth in this here column. After all, who then role-players would ever read a column from a fantasy & roleplaying site mailing letter?

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