Men with a Mission: The greatest game
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

There are a lot of games to play lately. Games, made to enjoy yourself. To offer us a bit of relaxation with some sort of challenge. There are computer games. A lot of them get boring after a while. After all, your options are very restricted. You can only do what the computer is programmed to let you do. If that's not what you want, you can demolish your computer, but that's it.

All games consist of rules. There is no other option to make it playable. You have the real world and a game. And if you want to game, you must go by it's specific rules. Real life also has got rules, but you can do a lot of your own still (except in some police force states).

Real life offers the most possible ways to be original. Games are made by man, thus not as perfect as life; it's much more restricted. But getting out of life is relaxing.

And that's why there are rpgs. The ingenious trick is that it offers more then a game; it offers life. An alternative life. So the restrictions of the ordinary game get away. AWAY! BEGONE, RESTRICTIONS ARRR!!

Err... well... anyhow, that's what my story bottles down to. I guess rpg is the greatest game. The possibilities are endless. There is a whole fantasy world to get into. It just never gets boring.

Well, it can be sometimes though. Ironically in the big action scene, perfect in it's suspense, swords clattering, everyone ready in fighting mode, the pace of your fighting is of the essence... but in reality you just roll dices and wait for it to be your turn. You just sit there with your statistics while a colleague is discussion for about half and hour about the damage his move can make in this particular situation while half of the people around have forgotten what is happening at all.

Okay, so rpg-ing isn't quite flawless. But nothing ever is. It's the fun of life, I guess.

You can get a bit more living, though, those fights. Just dress totally weird and go into the woods, LARP-ing (preferable in an actual LARP-event). You might even get on the news as one of the 'total weird and crazy persons'. YAY!

Well, all in all, you've got to love it. Having weird friends obsessed with rules, the smell of the DM screen and the role-play-inside jokes in webcomics non-role-players wouldn't understand. It's a weird culture. But it's our culture. And it seems real nuts and evil to some people. YAY!

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