Men with a Mission: No column today
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

Well, with this total lack of inspiration and too much worries to find the energy and courage to think out a good plot for a column, although I know it is so easy to do so, makes me want to tell you: "No column today." Sort of like: "No milk today." Of course, I had good inspiration just yesterday, and I should have done it then instead of playing Sim City 3000, and I shouldn't wait till I HAVE to do it and have no inspiration. Of course, lots of you expect a well thought out story. Not that that would be so very LOGICAL to expect. I mean, when was the last time you got a well though out story? Quite a while ago, I'd guess.

Well, I could write about Pratchett. That should be fun. But those stories are fun on there own. No need to write about them. Just read those books!

About role-playing nights then? Erm... I am hindered by fears to think. Fear that this column will stink. Though literarily, the smell will depend on the smell of your computer screen. Which reminds me. People will read this. A lot of people, by the wonders of our electronic postings. That's just great! But it also induces more fear to fail... hmm...

Isn't this the moment where true hero's stand up, confront their fears and make a great column! Probably. I like to think of myself as such a hero too, though. I have been taken this column for granted from time to time. Which one will it be? Around 4 years of mailinglists we've put together, I guess. Nowadays, I tend to be busy with other writing projects and just get this column over with. That's not good. It used to be something great. Well, I liked it, anyway. Usually of course, only one person reacts on the column. Arjan isn't that hard a boss, too. He is always too late with the mailinglist too, making me not feel too guilty if I'm late with the column. And he never complains about the quality. A bit at the spelling errors, which makes it more time-consuming for him getting them out. He is great about putting my columns online and the Jonathan-ones in one story. Keeley's new 'Member of the Month' part has been great too. We must elect a new one soon some time.

Well, this talk about Alcarin-history makes me want to write something fun. Something that will be a bit column-like still. With fantasy, dragons and stuff. Erm...

A red dragon enters a bakery shop.
He says: "One bread."
The fire out of his nostrils makes the bread turn black.
The baker says, trembling: "Brown or white bread?"
Meanwhile, a group of adventurers is under the impression the bakery shop is being attacked by the dragon, since that's what dragons usually do, and launch their attack.
"Yes" the dragon fire-breathes.
The adventurers make up a plan behind the front door.
"Yes.. what?" the baker says trembling. He always was learned that just talking along to ANY costumer (even a gnome) would keep him his 'costumer is always right' status and would keep the costumers from ruining his store. With gnomes it did not work, this far, though.
"Yes, baker!" the dragon said. His laugh put the store on fire.
The baker looks at the dragon running out of the store, thereby trampling the adventurers.
"I only had black bread left anyway" he said, trembling.

Well, this is what I think is sort of funny. You can always kick me for that of course. Last part of the Jonathan-sage next week! See you then!

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