Men with a Mission: Worse role-playing
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

"Worse role-playing"

Some people do not respond to the principle of role-playing too well. Some people seem hopeless at is as a whole, even.
Of course a young and frisk DM, still in his youth, might refuse to believe this and keep trying. After all, when you are role-playing many nights of your life, you are used to taking your time and build on things. Having many pain-inflicting weapons at hand might help this process along too. Players who never seem to have a finished character with them

Take into account this possible scenario:

DM: "You can play an elf."
Player: "One of those flying little creatures?"
DM: "No, a Dungeons and Dragons kind of elf."
Player: "Err..."
DM: "Why don't you first try to grasp the way we do it by playing yourself... but not here, but somewhere else..."
Player: "But I AM here!"
DM: "No, you are in the forest."
Player: "Where are the trees?"
DM: "They are around you."
Player: "I don't see them."
DM: "Can you try to IMAGINE you seem them? Use your imagination?"
Player: "I can do that! I am in a forest! Yay!"
DM: "Very good. Now you hear a bird singing: 'chirp chirp!'"
Player: "I say: "Very nice, DM".

If you ever get around this point, things might be hopeless. It seems the player can start to grasp how it's done, but sort of does not WANT to understand it. This behaviour is most commonly found in females. This story is actually based on a true account of me trying to explain the principle of role-playing to a female and it is used with permission.

I, for instance, might not grasp statistics, might not have my head with the game, might always lose my character sheet and dices and so, but never in all those years could I have been so particular purposely not grasping the meaning of role-playing.
We might enter a sort of male-female-thing here. It seems females can rebel again rules much more freely then man ever can. It might have to do with the ordered structure of role-playing, consisting rules and all. Males seem to use more logic than females do.
Another theory is that a man's testosterone level lowers when he's in love, so he can understand the female more then he could before. This would explain a decrease in obeying role-play rules whenever one is in love.

So I conclude that role-playing mostly will be a boys game. Nicely playing around with rules and stuff. Like when we were children and girls could play along, but sometimes problems emerged with that and they would go away to rather play with dolls and stuff. Man and woman have a whole field of differences to overcome if they want to learn and understand each other. Whenever a man wants to pause from doing that, he could go and role-play with his friends.

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